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knb x male reader. Jungkook x male reader lemon. (Contains Yaoi) Kuroko no Basuke Relationship Scenarios + Headcanons July 25, 2015 fie. Iklan Tengah Artikel 1. Resist Reader Insert Kuroko No Basket Male Reader Haikyuu Haikyuu X Reader Haikyuu X Male Reader Free. Most Blogs are for 18+. He kissed you; once, twice. Browse through and read or take knb reader stories, quizzes, and other creations. Y/n seems that his TWIN older brother is going a little to far with this. The timer counts down until you meet your soulmate. Grell would be the most likely to get super emotional. " Your heart shattered at his words. Sounds perfect Wahhhh, I don't wanna. Bleach x male reader. Kuroko no Basuke/Kuroko's Basket. Innocent Loss. hellow, just some things to note when you're writing a gn!reader piece. Alois x reader jealous. Crush x reader (lemons/fluff) Table of contents 🍋Jealous Male crush X Reader 🍋 Tops Fem …. Includes almost all of the anime I listed on my profile (it's too bad I can't just put it under the anime category, or add more fandoms). Lucky number 7 (Various KnB x Male! Reader). "Come here and sit on my lap," [Name] said as he pats on his lap. He was a man of many secrets, some he knew he. reader info: the reader will go by he/him/his pronouns. fluff, malereader, alittleiwaoi. hubbbb), Hisoka Morow ⭐️— __ —💧(@kenskavo34). [Kise x reader] Warning: SMUT Hands clasped, fingers intertwined. 0 Response to "Noctis X Male Reader" Post a Comment. Well who helped him? Wakaba. Anime/Manga Fanfiction Romance Kuroko No Basket X Male Reader Knb X Male Reader Yaoi Sports Basketball | male x male content! | A boy with a sunny personality, pretty face, and clothes that are straight dripping - (l/n)(m/n). Refine by tag: sememalereader malereader topmalereader seme semereader smr dommalereader xmalereader boyxboy bnha yaoi topreader domreader anime haikyuu gay reader fluff malexmale malereaderinsert malereader topmalereader seme semereader smr dommalereader xmalereader boyxboy bnha yaoi topreader domreader anime haikyuu gay reader fluff malexmale malereaderinsert. ) (please make sure you check each author's rules before requesting as well as if their ask box is open! and give them lots of love!) this is my first time making a masterlist and using tumblr on. Only You [You x OC Male Yandere]. V [Male Name] released a sigh, relieved to finally be off of the. Lips moulded together, breathes mingled. The two of you were so in love with each other, but had such different minds. - Junko x Reader - Hopelessly Jealous (Junko is Despair obsessed. Erina Writes- Haikyuu, Hetalia, KNB. Read midnight x villain male reader (lemon) from the story female characters x male reader by redxboy (x) with 7,467 reads. masterlist writing masterlist oneshot masterlist kurokos basketball x male reader knb oneshots knb x male reader haikyuu x male reader haikyuu oneshots my hero academia x male reader mha oneshots mha x male reader bnha oneshots bnha x male reader demon slayer x male reader demon slayer oneshots kimetsu no yaiba x male reader jujutsu kaisen x. He remembers nothing, but she awkwardly tries to get closer, meets friends, and falls in love. KnB - Midorima x Reader - Best (Gi by Leen-chan 41. About Knb X Reader Jealous. Drenched in your scent, taking as much as he could with every kiss, he drove you to paradise—intoxicated you with his very presence. Read Cheater Rias x Male Reader x Yandere Raynare from the story Various female x male reader (Request Open) by XDEATH_21 (XDEATH) with 13,588 reads. Bored out of your mind,you had grabbed your 3DS and started playing on it. Villain Reincarnation Manhwa. I just want to show you how much I love you. Warning(s): Pregnancy, death, swearing — "If you don't abort that baby, I'm going to leave you. kurokonobasket, knb, thebasketballth. Like Taiga Kagami. The researcher who was responsible for the metaverse. Summary: just a bunch of one shots about fictional characters -mostly anime-Chapter 1: What I Write About Chapter Text. [ various kuroko no basuke x reader ]; And after sixteen years of hearing my name being called over and over - I didn't like it until you said it. Yandere Bloody Painter x Male Reader. Bakugou Katsuki x Pregnant!Dead!Reader. SAMPSISTEMI VAT Nr. I write limes, lemons and fluff mostly. Eyeless Jack X Reader Lemon Punishment. See a recent post on Tumblr from @remuswriting about knb x male reader. This will be a Male Reader x Yang Xiao Long book. godzilla, s. I try to avoid angst wherever possible but sometimes it just happens (I don't particularly like depressing subjects. Ciel x sweet reader; Yandere deku x reader lemon wattpad; Yandere king x pregnant. The atmosphere was filled with silence. Subscribe to: Post Comments (Atom) Iklan Atas Artikel. 6 parts Ongoing. Newer Post Older Post Home. Click on the name or the image to go to that character's page. ɪᴍᴀʏᴏsʜɪ sʜᴏ̄ɪᴄʜɪ. It starts out innocently, with a Shogi player who was defeated by a boy with scarlet hair. You deserve. Most of they stories will be under the content of smutt and lemons. (all imagines have male or gender neutral pronouns. jealous baby {headcanon #masterlist #knb masterlist #knb #knb imagines #knb fanfiction #knb headcanons #knb x reader #knb x you #kuroko no basket #kuroko no. xmalereader, bnha. As the school bell rang in Kaijou high, signalling the end of school, all the students practically ran out of their classrooms. Watch popular content from the following creators: LAURYN!(@lauryndoessomething), Just Hannah(@artkinoka), Tashianna(@tashianna_uwu), Random Thingzzz <333(@whut. Anonymous said: Hear me out Bakugou, Deku, Todoroki and Kirishima (separate) with a girlfriend with dating experience? Let's make her All Might's daughter too ;) i always see the thing when th reader. See more ideas about kuroko no basket, kuroko, no basket. He and Kagami are sworn rivals after their clashes in the Interhigh preliminaries and in the Winter Cup. Mar 31, 2017 - Page 2 Read Chapter 6: Washing a Puppy! from the story Pale White (KnB x Male! Oc/Reader)(BoyxBoy) by RosenNeko with 6,234 reads. Touched - Hawks x Shy!reader - Asshole dad, Jailed. Enjoy and have fun. Kenka Banchou Otome/Girl Beats Boys. 5M ratings 277k ratings See, that's what the app is perfect for. Most Blogs are for 18+ — Kagami x Reader. [Name] chuckled lightly. Read Chapter 4 from the story He's Mine! Knb X Male Reader by _waifu_material_ (Mel) with 4,631 reads. Original Male Character(s) Reader; Akashi Seijuro x reader - Freeform; Summary. com DA: 14 PA: 50 MOZ Rank: 71 (a/n- hai guys! Someone requested a daddy Sebastian x baby. His pride and winning over his genius kouhai is all that matters to him. Apr 2, 2019 - Read prologue from the story knb x seme male reader by user72798238 (kate,,,<3) with 1,644 reads. Overprotective \KNB x Male Reader\ Completed November 17, 2018 V-Tae eaT-V Anime/Manga Fanfiction Reader Knb Kuroko Male Reader Being the little brother of Tetsuya Kuroko isn't fun at all. Add to library 1. The re-written/managed version of the one shots. :[Close][click 2x]:. Jealous jeff the killer x reader lemon Jealous jeff the killer x reader lemon Reader from the story BNHA Boyfriend Scenarios and Oneshots 1 by 8: 7458: 70. After the Winter Cup, he retired along with the rest of the third years. (and last game too!!). Apr 17, 2017 - He was not your real brother, he was adopted. Male x male, Girl x Girl, Girl x male. At the streetball tournament, he wears a white shirt and black jeans. Almost all his life, he harbours resentment and jealousy towards his younger twin brother for his immense natural born talent and ability as a swordsman, and these emotions were enhanced upon the sight of Yoriichi in his old age, having survived despite the demon slayer mark. Lying on the striped sofa,you shifted your body to a more comfortable position. Read yandere salem x male reader from the story yandere female various x male reader by goji1999 with 7,244 reads. Erina Writes- Haikyuu, Hetalia, KNB — Male reader asking out axis (Romano and Prussia) 1. Biology of Cancer- R. See a recent post on Tumblr from @remuswriting about kuroko x male reader. creepypasta x male reader forced lemon 2020; -/-(One-Shot Seven: Yandere Dad Romano X Daughter Reader Yandere Simulator X Male Reader Lemon. Like midoriya, kirishima always felt midoriya wanted to be bakugo's #1 friend and it made him feel uncomfortable. Daiki Aomine (青峰 大輝 Aomine Daiki) was the ace player of the renowned Generation of Miracles and was the former partner/light of Kuroko in Teikō. Discover more posts about kuroko x male reader. Explore the latest videos from hashtags: #kakashixreader, #kageyamaxreader, #gaaraxreader, #kaminarixreader, #. He was known as the Seventh player, the Miracle Dragon. Jealous Knb X Reader. The ugly duckling bts jungkook x male reader katie fanfiction romance 9 weeks ago yn was the adopted son of kim namjoon and kim seokjin and the adoptive brother of taehyung. Why because Kuroko doesn't want his brother to meeting the basketball teams and keeps his little brother Y/n home schooled. Cherish Prussia x Male!Reader x~x~x~x~x~x~x~x~x~x~x~ "And stay down this time Gilbert!" the taunting voice the of Gilbert's neighborhood gang yelled down at him. Eyeless Jack x Reader lemon Oct 22. Imayoshi, Haizaki, Hanamiya w/ Tough f!Reader. You woke up and realised that there's a stranger sleeping beside you on YOUR bed You met the Ge Kuroko no Basket (Various x Reader). reader x various, male!reader x various, AUs, etc. Loki x pregnant reader Loki x pregnant reader. Jealous (Jughead x Reader) Prompt: hey darling! im in love with your imagines! is it possible to request a jughead x Jealous (Jughead x Reader). murasakibaraatsushi, takaokazunari, himurotatsuya. Authors note. Ongoing, First published Aug 10, 2015. Jealous!Kuroko x Reader You knocked on the door of the gym. Yandere Sebastian X Neko! Reader. "Tsukishima Kei. gender neutral imagines will have (gn) next to them. (M/N) (L/N), a handsome young man with a shady past. Persona 5: Makoto X Male Reader :13 Years Ago: After (Y/n) was born, (F/n) a detective found himself held at a gunpoint by one of Shido's men when he was able to uncover Shido's misdeeds; Black mailing, murder and the result of mental shutdowns. Iklan Bawah Artikel. An archive of our own a project of the organization for transformative works. Kise x reader. haikyuu x reader anime imagines my hero headcanons anime hxh x reader haikyuu fluff my hero fluff haikyuu my hero academia hxh tag daisuke kambe the millionare detective balance: unlimited 3 notes Open in app. About Reader X Kirishima Jealous. He's a childhood friend of Kuroko Tetsuya and the best friend of Momoi Satsuki. If you are a victim, please contact me, your local police. See full list on fanfiction. Tongues battling, teeth clashing. blue origin rocket dr evil. -What is the new world like? Is it completely different with magic and fantasy elements?. 2K 6 You and Midorima are best friends since you two went to the daycare together, but over the time you developed feelings for him. Overprotective Brother X Male Reader. Here have some glowy tattoos that deprived me of six precious hours of sleep Speedpaint: (x) Edit: More Tattoos On Redbubble. Some complaining about how they had to go home and study hard for their upcoming midterm finals (*1). Spitting on his beaten and bleeding form, Gilbert stood up, turning to the right only to see the startled face of a boy about his age. Feb 12, 2021 - Explore [maria]'s board "Kuroko no Basket | 黒子のバスケ" on Pinterest. Bình Yên Nơi Gác Vắng. IT00283710374 Via Saliceto, 15 - 40010 - Bentivoglio BO T: +39 051 6319411 [email protected] Discover short videos related to kagami x reader on TikTok. | Aomine You sighed angrily with arms crossed, fuming underneath the moon's pitiful rays. Just because I write, yandere, rape, incest, and abuse does not mean I support this behavior. aomine aomine daiki nsfw aomine x reader aomine daiki x reader kuroko no basket kuroko no basuke knb. 8k Discussion 126. Read Yandere Abusive Wife Hatsune Miku x Male reader from the story Yandere female x Male reader (fixed request, no random) by Yuuyakizami21 (Willyam Jordan) w. The story will start during the GM years at Teiko but will go on until the end of the anime. Daiki Aomine x Kagami!Male!Reader Genre: Soulmate AU Note: GoM etc. By: OtakuNekoSan. He gently wiped a tear on your eyes, making your realized that you've been crying. Akashi, Aomine, Imayoshi on S/O having a male best friend. It will contain some fluff, lime, lemon, comfort and probably some light angst too. They're in a weird order so don't worry about it. About X Todoroki Dom Reader "You're the one who wanted to be a pro and travel abroad. Free! Iwatobi Swim Club. knb x reader knb knb scenarios knb imagines Kirisaki Daiichi kiridai Hanamiya hanamiya makoto furuhashi furuhashi kojiro seto seto kentaro yamazaki Yamazaki Hiroshi hara hara kazuya kuroko no basket Kuroko no Basuke kuroko no basuke imagine kuroko He screwed his eyes up tight as he watched the angry male draw his fist back. Tons of awesome Oikawa Tooru wallpapers to download for free. but i highly recommend you consider these. aominedaiki, xmalereader, kurokotetsuya. Anonymous: Can i have a NSFW with Imayoshi x reader + Sakurai x reader + Aomine x Reader ?? so I don't know. Deadpool100000. Share on Facebook; Share on Twitter; yandere X Yandere Reader Male. kuroko, kise, mainlyfluff. A Various Haikyuu and KNB x male reader fanfic. Don't leave me please! I-i'm sorry! I wasn't thinking! I don't know why I said th-". The Phantom Coach (KNB x Reader) by SaphStar. Fp jones x (male) reader. Yandere father x male reader lemon Yandere father x male reader lemon Levi x reader one shots - {Forced Lemon} - Wattpad Read { Forced Lemon } from the story Levi x reader one shots by Nightm4re01 (Katsuki Tan) with 7432 reads. Iklan Tengah Artikel 2. (Y/N) (L/N), a talentuous ex player and now coach in basketball decides to move to Japan and join Teiko's famous Generation of Miracles. The Miracle Dragon (KnB Male!Reader insert) March 20, 2017 The Aimless Wanderer Action Anime/Manga Fanfiction Basketball Kagami Happy Ending (F/N) is a former first string player of Teikō Middle school. Lucky number 7 (Various KnB x Male! Reader) January 19, 2019 anxiety Anime/Manga Fanfiction Romance Yaoi Boy Love Knb A young, careless and wild boy who managed to capture all the hearts of the people from the story. Next Is Kuroko Tetsuya X Boxer Reader ( Requested)-After That Is Midorima Shintarou X Naive Uke Male ( Requested) DONT FORGET TO REQUEST =) One punch after the other every punch felt stronger than the other you were practicing for a boxing match which will happen the day after Kise basketball match you were going up against a boxer who has won 3 years in a row you were a little scared, but you. sometimes we don't notice them because it's natural for our own selves to seep through our writing. Tatsuya Himuro (氷室 辰也 Himuro Tatsuya) is Yōsen High's second year shooting guard who was Taiga Kagami's brother figure back in the United States. He was the main antagonist until the first round of the Winter Cup. About Naruto Reincarnated Fanfiction World In. hair -> ran their palm over your head cold/hot/smooth hands -> hands carried you -> brought you to blushed -> became warm, flustered, stuttered, fidgeted (there are many signs. You wonder if fate led you to encounter the blue-haired male once again. Just a full time student, and full time worker, who is broke, a little dirty minded and loves anime. Akashi had always been the lion of the school, reigning over it with an iron fist. He now plays as a regular with Seirin with the goal of bringing the team and Taiga Kagami to the top of Japan. Tổng hợp truyện Bleach x male reader. Knb x Reader by rcsrbc123 O "Damn. You woke up and realised that there's a stranger sleeping beside you on YOUR bed You met the Ge Kuroko no Basket (Various x Reader). Probably about time I'd do this over. Gác Vắng Ngõ Khép. He currently plays as the ace and power forward of Tōō Academy. Knb X Seme Male Reader Prologue In 2019 Anime Black Hair Share this post. Klaus Mikaelson X Reader Ex. KnB x Reader 35 {Office!AU} Takao Kazunari x Reader - Crazy Today. Kuroko has a fragile outlook and a very small build. Discover more posts about kuroko+tetsuya+x+reader. Hoodie x reader and Eyeless Jack x reader Masky x reader x hoodie x toby lemon Female Pokemon X Male Reader Lemon Wattpad : Entra para leer el articulo completo. Yandere Ticci Toby X Reader Lemon Forced Wattpad. He was the Phantom Sixth Player of the Generation of Miracles at Teikō Junior High who specialises in misdirection and passes. 'secrets' - Imayoshi Shoichi x Reader nsfw // 18+ content [[MORE]]Imayoshi knew that it was suspicious to stare too long, but he couldn't help himself. Bleach is a japanese anime series based on tite kubo's manga of the same male reader anime x. | Wallpaper-HD. Knb Stories. Tetsuya Kuroko (黒子 テツヤ Kuroko Tetsuya) is the main protagonist of the manga, Kuroko no Basuke. This is a list of Kuroko no Basuke characters. the social media idol with 100,000 followers ends up moving out of his apartment in California, to Tokyo where he'll. He hides behind two different personalities that no one can seem to crack. I never Mar 21, 2018 · -Yandere stalks us. Yandere Annie x Male! Yandere!KNB character x Reader. Anime/Manga Fanfiction Reader Knb Kuroko Male Reader Being the little brother of Tetsuya Kuroko isn't fun at all. anime x top male reader stuff requests [5] | wips [3] only a little (m) Originally posted by furuba pairing(s) - oikawa tooru x male!reader warnings -MATURE, smut, dom/sub themes, rimming, fingering, mentions of overstimulation, slight breeding kink, realised there's a lot of hair pulling, so if your hair. While playing, he wears the Kaijō uniform with the number 4, as he is the captain. In comparison to the other characters, he has rather thick eyebrows. She/Them/25 yrs. When Akashi Seijuro returned to his old self, the Generation of Miracles were happy, but Kuroko Tetsuya is the happiest of them all. Crush X Reader Discontinued Jealous Crush X Reader 2. GOM + Kagami and Kuroko pre and post game rituals with S/O!Reader. basketball, sememalereader, yaoi. Meeting Imayoshi's Sister. Until one fateful day, tragedy struck him in the worst way possible. Pregnant S/O with Akashi, Hayama, Imayoshi. An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works. For the last three years, Teikou Middle School has dominated the national basketball scene with its legendary lineup: the "Generation of Miracles. Yandere feamle Scarecrow x male reader. [Part 2] GoM + Kagami, Hanamiya, Teppei as Pokémon Trainers. Himuro's eyes are gray-black, and he has slick, black hair and one longer side-swept fringe that covers his left eye. About lemon female x Reader. -----So this is a KNB×Reader! It will contain some fluff, lime, lemon, comfort and probably some light angst too. Kasamatsu has short, spiky black hair and sharp steel blue eyes. Yukio Kasamatsu (笠松 幸男 Kasamatsu Yukio) was Kaijō High's third year point guard and captain. The blonde male stopped blabbering when he got interrupted by the [h/c] haired male. "K-Katsuki…". All having different plans on how they would be spending their evening. Only you can see the name, no one else. Từ khóa tìm kiếm gần đây. She expected to find sucess and fame there, but never could she have thought that she would find love and much more. Discover more posts about knb x male reader. But now that Akashi realized his mis Aomine Daiki meets a girl who makes him feel normal- makes him feel flustered. Browse through and read or take knb reader stories, quizzes, and other creations [ various kuroko no basuke x reader ]; And after sixteen years of hearing my name being called over and over - I didn't like it until you said it. Femdom Hollywood. Persona 5 x KNB Crossover. [Fanfic][Yaoi][Kuroko No Basuke][AkaKuro] Kẻ Tôi Ghét Là Người Tôi Yêu. Looking for information on the anime Kuroko no Basket (Kuroko's Basketball)? Find out more with MyAnimeList, the world's most active online anime and manga community and database. coolkidthing said: Male reader asking out axis (Romano and Prussia) Answer: Hello there dear. Sep 2, 2020 - Read Chapter 1 from the story He's Mine! Knb X Male Reader by audreymel (audreymelanie) with 5,257 reads. Apr 9, 2019 - The reader will be Nora's Brother. are second-years Soulmate AU: Everyone has a tattooed timer on their wrist with the name of their match on it. Read [Lime] Kuroko Tetsuya x Seme!Male!Reader from the story Only The Gayest (x Male!Reader) by Grif_finn (Griffin (Finn)) with 20,017 reads. He has a mole under his right eye. Apr 7, 2019 - Read Happy Halloween! (Generation of Miracles) from the story My Girl (KnB x Reader) by Bakamono_dearu (ROI) with 2,723 reads. He's a womanizer, he's sneaky, sly, undeniably attractive, and a skilled former volleyball player. Follow/Fav Kuroko no Basuke: Aomine x Reader- My Voice. Download free Knb X Haikyuu Google Search Haikyuu Haikyuu Anime Kuroko Wallpaper HD beautiful, free and use for any project. Akashi, Midorima, and Aomine with Reader who gets a lot of confessions. Kuroko looked at you with sad eyes, although he still keeps his poker face. He pulled you in a comforting hug, and as you gaze back at him, you're seeing a rare smile that you've never seen him wear in his usual poker face. Male Characters x Seme!Male!Reader |One Shots MackJLee9. atsushi, midorima, generationofm. tooru Summary: Oikawa meets a boy at the koi pond in the park Pairing: Platonic Oikawa Tooru x Male!. Female x male reader stories: Make him think more about the human male. yandere x mute male reader. Yet, the seasons have an intoxicating effect on the girl and the GOM as slowly, Winter comes, and reality shatters their daily lives. Characters: Aomine Daiki, Kuroko Tetsuya, Kise Ryota, Kagami Taiga, Midorima Shintaro, Akashi Seijūrō and Murasakibara Atsushi x blackfem!reader (separate) Warnings: Slightly suggestive, last game/season3 spoilers, kissing, motions of drinking (characters age between 17-22), use of language. You had a bag from Pop's that you managed to go get for you and your boyfriend. [ helloo this is my first t. You were dearly hoping for a child, but he wasn't. Others gossiping about their. Haikyuu!! x Male Reader Imagines Archive. An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works. A Kuroko No Basuke x Fem!Reader fanfiction - Now Discontinued Upon returning to Japan for high school, (l/n) (y/n) meets old friends and makes new ones, unaware of the affection that was growing in those friends towards her. Dec 3, 2018 - Some stories with male reader and various females. Weinberg We would like to show you a description here but the site won't allow us. Taking a deep breath, you let yourself slip into concentration mode, and begin to write down notes on the teacher's lesson. You are his everything. When Desmond Mellow transfers to an elite all-boys high school, he immediately gets a bad impressio He's Mine! Knb X Male Reader. Only The Gayest (x Male!Reader) Fanfiction [REQUESTS CLOSED] This is a book of one shots for male readers because why not. " It consisted of five prodigies who excelled at the sport, but a. "You cursed,glaring at the 3DS in your hand. Ngẫu nhiên. You were waiting for Seijuro,but he had told you to wait in his house for a while. That's why nobody understood how the cold and condescending redhead fell in love with (y/n) (l/n). They were entirely different, that's what confused everyone.

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